Saturday, 30 May 2009

Times: Video interview: The EP is the art of compromise - [David] Casa
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[P. Attard's Transcript: [4:38] In the video Mr Casa says the EU should not dictate Malta on the introduction of civil partnerhsip. He says his opinion on the subject is not relevant. He says that the Prime Minister promised to introduce civil partnerhsip before the end of the current term and that he voted for the motion.]

David Casa says Simon Busuttil and himself worked well in the European Parliament, and he views Dr Busuttil as the best candidate in next Saturday's elections.

He insists that the migration issue needs to be tackled with persuasion, not scaremongering. The EP, he said, had taught him the art of compromise.

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  1. Is Casa seriously suggesting that it took him membership of the European Parliament to realise that politics is all about compromise? Why his reluctance to take a stand on divorce and same sex unions? Political expediency? What about human rights? For a fuller analysis of the interview, see my blog on


    Joseph Carmel Chetcuti