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Times: Blog: Moving ahead with the times

28.4.9 by Dr John Zammit [view author's profile here and here.]

“ When I return to Malta I feel like I am in a cloistered convent, in a fundamentalist Catholic country or a Taliban country ”

Malta needs to move forward from the 20th century to the 21st century. As it is without divorce, gay marriages and rights, without the right of abortion for those for free choice and other rights, Malta is very backwards. Malta does not even know what the European Union is about and that once we became members in the European Union we could not discriminate among individuals. Everybody has his rights and everyone should be equal, especially men and women. This is the only way to embrace diversity.

But with old-fashioned political parties such as the Nationalist Party and the Labour Party we cannot adopt progressive laws and rights that are found in the other European countries, especially the Nordic European countries like Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Holland.

I have visited these very progressive countries and I can say that when I am in these countries I feel free like I am in heaven. But when I return to Malta I feel like I am in a cloistered convent, in a fundamentalist Catholic country or a Taliban country. Are we going to remain like this when we are living in the 21st century.

That is why the Alleanza Liberali was founded by me and other progressive persons to bring progressive laws such as divorce, decriminalisation of abortion, nudist beaches, gay marriages and rights, legal brothels, total removal of censorship, euthanasia and everything that one can imagine.

I know that this is not easy to do, but I know that our children and our children's children will in the future understand and want that Malta progresses and obtain what I mentioned. As a candidate for the European Parliament I will join the Liberals of ELDR/ALDE if elected as they are the most progressive and liberal parties in the world. So I say if you do not want these proposals I am putting forward do not worry, do not vote for me, but I am sure that the young people will.

This is why the Alleanza Liberali was founded and that is what distinguishes us from other political parties that, so as not to lose votes,y are afraid of the Catholic church and avoid mentioning divorce and all the other rights. So if people, especially the youths want to change Malta to become a progressive country like the Nordic European countries they only have one optio, Alleanza Liberali - the most progressive political party of Malta. If you want to continue living in the past, in the medieval ages and the ages of darkness - vote for the other political parties.

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  1. How I hate these guys!
    They are mocking liberalism in all its forms...