Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Times: 200 gay marriages since civil union legislation

Opposition to object to replacement of 'husband' and 'wife' by 'spouse'

Monday, June 26, 2017, 20:55

Updated 9:45pm

Two hundred gay couples have married since the civil union legislation, two gay couples have adopted while five others are in the process of adopting, and 70 persons applied to formally declare their gender identity, according to information which emerged during tonight’s parliamentary debate on the Marriage Act and Other Laws (Amendment) Bill.


As well as the beautiful, picturesque beaches you’d expect from a Mediterranean haven, the capital city of Valletta has just joined the global heavyweights as the European Capital of Culture for 2018.


Scenic View of Marsamxett Harbour and Valletta in Malta

Malta was once one of Europe’s best kept secrets, but is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean. An archipelago consisting of Malta, Gozo and Comino, the Maltese Islands are only three hours from the UK and offer a destination with enough history, culture, nightlife and year-round sunshine to keep every traveller happy – not least gay holidaymakers.

Lovin Malta: Maltese Gay Catholic Group Has The Best Response For Haters Of Rainbow-Flag Altar Vigil

Some people worry about the prosecution of gays in Chechnya, others worry about altar etiquette

Lovin Malta June 2017 

Malta already plays a pretty cool international role when it comes to LGBT rights, but a group of Maltese gay Catholics has just raised the bar and is now literally flying the flag and firing up a storm.

The gay Catholic group, Drachma, which campaigns for better understanding between the Church and LGBTs, held a vigil on May 17th to mark the International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) as it does every year.

Times: Rainbow flag decorated altar fuels controversy

Event marked International Day Against Homophobia

Wednesday, June 7, 2017, 07:01 by Keith Micallef

The rainbow flag altar during a prayer vigil organised by Drachma at the university chapel.

The altar decorated with a rainbow flag at a prayer vigil at the University of Malta chapel has stirred up a hornet’s nest, but the Catholic LGBT group of behind it is insisting that their only intention was to convey a message against discrimination.

Organised by Drachma on May 17, the religious event was meant to mark the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Independent: PM Muscat commits himself to passing gay marriage law before summer


Helena Grech, Sunday, 4 June 2017, 12:45

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, upon entering the Naxxar counting hall, said that the results are “humbling”.

Taking comments, he said that Parliament has much work to do, that it will be meeting before the summer recess and that the government is committed to passing the gay marriage legislation that has been sitting on the shelf.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Times: Fast-track actions on HIV across Europe


HIV testing is to be encouraged for the early pick-up of cases and to ensure early linkage to care for people living with HIV.

HIV testing is to be encouraged for the early pick-up of cases and to ensure early linkage to care for people living with HIV.
Never assume that people do or do not have HIV because of their nationality, gender, sexual orientation or lifestyle choices. No one comes with a label, so always practise safer sex. It is essential that educators and parents alike transmit this message when talking about HIV.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Times: MGRM reports 15 cases of online hate speech in six weeks

Online platform removed one of every three cases reported

Friday, June 2, 2017, 20:17 by Ivan Camilleri

An EU-wide monitoring exercise on online hate-speech led to the reporting of 15 cases in Malta in just six weeks, a report issued by the European Commission shows.

In one of every three cases, reported by the Malta LGBTIQ Rights Movement (MGRM) – acting as the Maltese counterpart in the study – the online platform agreed that the reported post was illegal and removed it from its site.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Lovin Malta: LGBT+ Activists Fight HIV 'Morning-After' Drug's Steep Price Tag

Parties pledge to tackle PEP unaffordability

Ann Dingli 27.5.2017

Emergency preventative medication for HIV is currently available in Malta... but costs €600. Party leaders recently pledged to work towards the removal of its unaffordable price tag, and have each signed an agreement to introduce free-of-charge PEP in Malta if their party is elected.

Post Exposure Prophylaxis, known as PEP is a drug that can be taken after a person is potentially exposed HIV to prevent them from becoming infected. A recent LGBTIQ debate with Malta's main political party representatives discussed the issue of its high price, and the parties' commitment towards bettering Malta's HIV medical treatment in general.

A report compiled by the Allied Rainbow Communities (ARC) describes the current HIV situation in Malta as "critical", claiming that as things stand, 671 new HIV cases could develop by 2021.

If the political parties deliver on their agreement to offer PEP medication for free, then people at risk would be less impeded to act swiftly after the threat of exposure. PEP medication should be used strictly in emergency situations and needs to be started within 72 hours after exposure.

Russell Sammut from ARC questioned party representatives at the LGBTIQ debate on their commitment to removing the high price tag on PEP, as well as on the investment in other HIV healthcare and treatment. Sammut urged leaders to follow through on this pledge to facilitate readily available prevention medication that could save the country a bunch of money spent on treatment for actual HIV care once it is contracted.

Nationalist Party (PN) leader Simon Busuttil said that if PN are elected it would be their aim to upgrade HIV treatment in Malta. Busuttil stressed his belief that all HIV medication should be free for everyone. Minister for Civil Liberties Helena Dalli added that the medication in question is actually mentioned in the Labour Party (PL) electoral manifesto, and that one of their focuses will be to make sure that the adequate medicines remain in stock on the island.

A snapshot of HIV in Malta*
In 2015 there were 61 known cases of HIV in Malta
HIV cases have increased by 20% per year since 2009
57% of that yearly increase is found within the 'Men having Sex with Men' (MSM) group
In 2014 the rate of new HIV cases in Malta was 11% higher than the UK
With the current medical treatment available Malta will have >2000 HIV cases by 2021
That will mean €271m spent on lifetime treatment from new infections

*All data has been provided by ARC Malta.

Click to read the full signed agreement covering Equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) people in the 2017 – 2022 legislative period.

Do you think PEP should be made freely available in Malta? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section on Facebook.

Gay Malta & MGRM: Il-Manifest Elettorali u l-LGBTIQ

Q&A Session between the LGBTIQ Community and the main Political Parties

On Saturday 20th May arc & MGRM co-organised a public Q&A session titled "il-Manifest Elettorali u l-LGBTIQ".

The four main political parties participated in the Q&A session focused on LGBTIQ issues. The Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat, Opposition Leader Dr Simon Busuttil, Ralph Cassar (AD) and Dr Godfrey Farrugia (PD) put forward their LGBTIQ electoral proposals and answered any questions from those present.

News Book: Il-Knisja m’għandhiex x’taqsam ma’ reklam tal-MCUF

Charmaine Attard - 23/05/17 10:16 AM

L-Arċidjoċesi ta’ Malta qalet ma’ Newsbook.com.mt li m’għandhiex x’taqsam ma’ kull tip ta’ propoganda li ssir taħt l-isem Maltese Catholics United for the Faith (MCUF).

Newsbook.com.mt ikkuntattja lill-Uffiċċju tal-Komunikazzjoni tal-Kurja biex jara jekk l-Arċidjoċesi ta’ Malta, għandhiex x’taqsam ma’ reklam ta’ paġna sħiħa li deher f’xi gazzetti Maltin f’dawn il-ġranet.

Ir-reklam taħt il-firma tal-grupp Maltese Catholics United for the Faith isejjaħ il-pożizzjoni tal-partiti politiċi dwar iż-żwieġ bejn persuni tal-istess sess bħala ‘glorifikazzjoni tad-dnub.’