Sunday, 13 January 2013

PN 2013 Manifesto / Program (PN Electoral Manifesto 2013: p5-7)

Personal relationships are precious, and it is a given that people should be free to choose their own way of life. The function of the state is to legislate only where necessary, so as to make clear the rights, obligations and interests of those involved… (I)t is the duty of the state, in these different times, to provide a legal framework for cohabitation outside marriage in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships.

We consider the family to be the essential building-block of society, and we will continue to develop policies aimed at giving families the strength, support and structures they need to thrive and survive in an ever-changing world. People are now marrying later than they would have done a generation ago, because of the life-enhancing benefits of work or a career and other goals which improve their situation. Other people choose not to marry at all, and might instead live with somebody or choose to raise another family after divorce. Maltese men and women now continue to live in Malta after marrying non-Maltese, something they were not always able to do before. The social and psychological barriers against same-sex couples living together are gone.

PN Electoral Program [Back-up]

99. LGBT rights
i. A clause will be inserted in the Constitution protecting you from any discrimination on the basis of your sexual orientation. This means that if any law or administrative practice allows for this type of discrimination, it will be declared null and void.

ii. We will enact the law of civil partnerships for gay couples. This law will give gay persons the right to have their relationship recognised and legalised.

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