Thursday, 17 January 2013

Malta Today: Gay adoptions – experts should decide what is in children’s best interest

Experts' evaluation on adoption must be guided by what's in best interest of children and not prejudiced by sexual orientation - PM
Tuesday 15 January 2013 - 11:48 by Karl Stagno-Navarra

Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi at Villa Arrigo this morning

Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi said adoption rights to parents should be guided by experts' evaluations of what is in the best interest of children.

Gonzi was replying to questions from MaltaToday over Joseph Muscat's stance in favour of gay adoption.

"Any such evaluation by experts should be free of any prejudice towards any sexual orientation," Gonzi said, whose government's bill to regulate cohabiting partnerships came under fire by gay couples.

Muscat has however told MaltaToday that legislation on gay parents' adoption was not on his legislative agenda.

Meanwhile, speaking at Villa Arrigo this morning as part of his electoral campaign, the Prime Minister vowed that a new PN-led government will continue to grant all the best possible care for the elderly.

While listing his government's achievements in this sector, Gonzi revealed his intention to broaden the home help services, currently being granted to hundreds of elderly persons around the Maltese islands.

Gonzi said that should he be confirmed in office, he would ensure to extend the current service to one where the carers would take on a role which would be similar to an "almost personal assistant" to the elderly person.

He said that the plan was for those family members who are currently receiving a 'solidarity pension' whereby family members take care of their elderly parents or a relative at home, would be the net beneficiaries, which could practically mean they would receive a full-time salary from government for doing so.

When asked about waiting lists for elderly waiting for operations at Mater Dei Hospital, or seeking entry to homes, the Prime Minister said that while the public-private partnership with private hospitals has already proved to be removing the burden for cataract and other operations for elderly, more money is being invested in community services to cater for the reality of a growing demand for elderly to enter homes.

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