Friday, 22 February 2008

The Pink Euro (EN)

Friday, 22nd February 2008

The pink euro

Patrick Attard, Naxxar.

Studies show that gay couples fall under the Double-Income-No-Kids category and their spending pattern is different to other couples, and they spend more money on travelling.

Since Malta's economy thrives on tourism, it is very important not to underestimate this category, especially if we want to increase tourism in the off-peak seasons.

Other countries whose economies are based on tourism, like Austria, realised this, and one can find gay related brochures at the tourist centres of the cities.

In Malta, when I was a committee member of the Malta Gay Rights Movement and we were organising an LGBT festival, I went to the Valletta Tourist Office to leave some leaflets there. The people there were completely surprised if not shocked and after several phone-calls from the staff to the supervisor or director, I just walked out.

Gays are not a burden on the country.

They have a lot to offer. We should not be afraid from them, throw them out of the country or force them to live a lie.

Now the time for change has come. If this chance is lost, the next one will be in five years. Vote for the people who will take you seriously. Vote Alternattiva Demokratika.

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