Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Good News from The Eurobarometer on Discrimination in Malta

by P. Attard

The results of the Eurobarometer survey on Discrimination have been published today and the summary on Malta can be found here:

Even though a relatively large proportion of the Maltese population perceives discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation as widespread, Maltese respondents show a high level of comfort with most of the neighbour scenarios presented to them. Compared to the average European, the average Maltese is more comfortable with the idea of a homosexual neighbour. Moreover, the majority of Maltese are favourable to providing equal employment opportunities on all of the grounds of discrimination under consideration including sexual orientation. 34% of the Maltese people interviewd have a gay acquaintance, equal to the EU 27 average.

For each of the following situations, please tell me using this scale from 1 to 10 how you would personally feel about it. On this scale, '1' means that you would be"very uncomfortable" and '10' means that you would be “totally comfortable" with this situation. “Average score out of 10”

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