Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Gay Star News: What's it like to be LGBTI in Malta?

In 2015, Malta was ranked 1st out of 49 measured countries for its positive record on LGBT rights

What's it like to be LGBTI in Malta?
Sprout Media
Malta has changed substantially over the last few years for gay people
What’s it like to be LGBTI in one of the smallest nations in the world?
A new video from Sprout Media asks four students at the University of Malta what life has been like for them growing up.
‘There’s a lot of positive energy’, says filmmaker Alex Caruana of life in Malta for gay people.
‘Things are not perfect, but we have the best laws and activists are coming out to continue the fight for LGBT rights,’ Caruana told Gay Star News by email. ‘People’s approach has changed as well. It’s safe to be LGBT. Malta has changed drastically during these last years.’

Thursday, 21 April 2016

MGRM: Questionnaire for HIV+ persons

21st April 2016 by the Malta Gay Rights Movement

The confidential survey below is organised by an HIV subcommittee of MGRM (the Malta LGBTIQ Rights Movement) which is mapping out the HIV services available in Malta and helping to identify any gaps or deficiencies.

This will hopefully lead to identifying areas where improvement and additional resources need to be provided.

The answers given will remain totally confidential and will be used solely in an aggregated anonymous format.

Most of the questions require a simple YES/NO response, with the scope for some free text input.

The survey can be accessed here:

Thank you for choosing to take part in this survey.


MGRM provides support services to the LGBTIQ community, should you need of professional social support, contact the Rainbow Support Service on or 79430006

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Guardian: Colombia's highest court paves way for marriage equality in surprise ruling

Magistrates vote against proposal that said marriage applied only to unions between men and women and that it was up to the congress to decide
Sibylla Brodzinsky in Bogotá
Friday 8 April 2016 00.07 BSTLast modified on Friday 8 April 201600.08 BST

Colombia could become the fourth Latin American nation to fully allow same-sex marriage. Photograph: John Vizcaino/Reuters
Colombia’s highest court has given the green light to gay marriage in the conservative, mostly Catholic country.

The magistrates of the constitutional court voted six to three against a proposed ruling that said marriage applied only to unions between men and women and that it was up to the congress and not the court to decide on same-sex marriage.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Citizen Go: "For 15 years of my life, I experienced unwanted same-sex attractions."

The World Psychiatric Association just made a blanket statement condemning all forms of counseling intended to resolve unwanted same-sex attractions.
There is no scientific consensus that unwanted same-sex attractions cannot be resolved through counseling. In fact, 100 years of scientific research shows that for some, therapy can help reduce and/or eliminate homosexual attractions and that heterosexual attractions can increase!
The World Psychiatric Association has discounted the thousands of individuals who have successfully resolved unwanted same-sex attraction through freely-chosen counseling.
Please ask them to release an apology explaining that this statement was influenced by politics, and not medical facts.

The world’s largest organization of psychiatrists just released a statement condemning all forms ofcounseling intended to resolve unwanted same-sex attraction.
Please join us and our friends at Equality And Justice For All and Voice of the Voiceless in speaking out against this incorrect and political statement by the World Psychiatric Association.
This statement is a political move, intended to appease the international pro-LGBT lobby. It does not take into account the well-documented benefits of counseling for those who freely choose counseling to resolve unwanted same-sex attractions (SSA).
Christopher Doyle, Founder of Voice of the Voiceless and Co-Coordinator of the National Task Force for Therapy Equality (#Therapy Equality) with Washington, DC-based Equality And Justice For All, has personally experienced the healing power of counseling for unwanted SSA.
He explains: "For 15 years of my life, I experienced unwanted SSA due to childhood sexual abuse and a lack of healthy relationships with men. However, after I sought out licensed therapy, Christian support groups, and healthy friendships with men in my church, I healed the wounds that caused me to be homo-sexually attracted. Today, I have been married to my beautiful wife for almost ten years, and we have five wonderful children! There was absolutely nothing harmful about the help I received; in fact, every aspect of my life has improved because of this help and support.”
Organizations like the Equality And Justice for All, Voice of the Voiceless, and the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity advocate that counseling can be an effective means of resolving unwanted SSA. Indeed, Christopher’s story is one of many that the World Psychiatric Association has completely discounted in their condemnation of all counseling that helps resolve unwanted SSA.
The World Psychiatric Association has bought into the lie that same-sex attractions must always be embraced, regardless of one’s religious beliefs, family life, or other desires. They want to rob people who deal with unwanted same-sex attractions of the opportunity to participate in counseling.
Please join us in defending the benefits of counseling by asking the World Psychiatric Association to rescind their statement.
When you sign this petition, a letter will be sent directly to the World Psychiatric Association. United, our voices will be heard by the Association and will hopefully cause them to reconsider.
Thank you for standing with us in support of this important counseling option and against the politicization of the World Psychiatric Association.


Caroline Craddock and the entire CitizenGO team

CitizenGO is a community of active citizens that seeks to defend life, the family and fundamental rights worldwide. To find out more about CitizenGO click here or follow us onFacebook or Twitter. This message is addressed to If you do not wish to receive emails from CitizenGO, click on this link.

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Monday, 4 April 2016

ARC: Meet Mr Gay Malta Iven Fenech

Talks about being “Abused, Raped, Brother’s Suicide & Upcoming Community projects”

MARCH 30 · PUBLIC; Edited by Russell Sammut

I was a young boy raised in a traditional family, I was the eldest of 3 brothers. At 11 I was admitted to a Boarding School. I started adjusting to my new life, I began to see my siblings only on weekends, while still adjusting to this new “lifestyle”. One day my parents told me that they were going to separate. It was very hard on me. I can still recall the sleepless nights and mixed emotions, but I had to keep my feelings to myself I had to be strong for my two younger brothers who were too young and needed me to be strong for them.
As the separation took place I had to choose whether to live with my mother or my father. Even though they only lived a few minutes away from each other, the choice of choosing between the two people who I loved the most was tough. In the end, my brothers remained with my mother and I moved in with my father.
“Two police officers came to pick me up from school and took me to the police station. None of this made sense, I was confused, What Happened? What did I do?”

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Pink News: Prison Break star Wentworth Miller speaks out against meme mocking weight gain ‘while suicidal’
29th March 2016, 1:31 PM by Nick Duffy

Wentworth Miller was mocked for gaining weight after quitting his iconic role

Prison Break star Wentworth Miller has hit out at a meme mocking him for his weight gain after leaving his most iconic role.

The actor was a huge name while starring in Prison Break, but was forced to deny gossip about his sexuality at the time.