Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Citizen Go: "For 15 years of my life, I experienced unwanted same-sex attractions."

The World Psychiatric Association just made a blanket statement condemning all forms of counseling intended to resolve unwanted same-sex attractions.
There is no scientific consensus that unwanted same-sex attractions cannot be resolved through counseling. In fact, 100 years of scientific research shows that for some, therapy can help reduce and/or eliminate homosexual attractions and that heterosexual attractions can increase!
The World Psychiatric Association has discounted the thousands of individuals who have successfully resolved unwanted same-sex attraction through freely-chosen counseling.
Please ask them to release an apology explaining that this statement was influenced by politics, and not medical facts.

The world’s largest organization of psychiatrists just released a statement condemning all forms ofcounseling intended to resolve unwanted same-sex attraction.
Please join us and our friends at Equality And Justice For All and Voice of the Voiceless in speaking out against this incorrect and political statement by the World Psychiatric Association.
This statement is a political move, intended to appease the international pro-LGBT lobby. It does not take into account the well-documented benefits of counseling for those who freely choose counseling to resolve unwanted same-sex attractions (SSA).
Christopher Doyle, Founder of Voice of the Voiceless and Co-Coordinator of the National Task Force for Therapy Equality (#Therapy Equality) with Washington, DC-based Equality And Justice For All, has personally experienced the healing power of counseling for unwanted SSA.
He explains: "For 15 years of my life, I experienced unwanted SSA due to childhood sexual abuse and a lack of healthy relationships with men. However, after I sought out licensed therapy, Christian support groups, and healthy friendships with men in my church, I healed the wounds that caused me to be homo-sexually attracted. Today, I have been married to my beautiful wife for almost ten years, and we have five wonderful children! There was absolutely nothing harmful about the help I received; in fact, every aspect of my life has improved because of this help and support.”
Organizations like the Equality And Justice for All, Voice of the Voiceless, and the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity advocate that counseling can be an effective means of resolving unwanted SSA. Indeed, Christopher’s story is one of many that the World Psychiatric Association has completely discounted in their condemnation of all counseling that helps resolve unwanted SSA.
The World Psychiatric Association has bought into the lie that same-sex attractions must always be embraced, regardless of one’s religious beliefs, family life, or other desires. They want to rob people who deal with unwanted same-sex attractions of the opportunity to participate in counseling.
Please join us in defending the benefits of counseling by asking the World Psychiatric Association to rescind their statement.
When you sign this petition, a letter will be sent directly to the World Psychiatric Association. United, our voices will be heard by the Association and will hopefully cause them to reconsider.
Thank you for standing with us in support of this important counseling option and against the politicization of the World Psychiatric Association.


Caroline Craddock and the entire CitizenGO team

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