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Round-up 2010: Interesting year for the 'Gay-Agenda'

Gay-Marriage introduced in Iceland - Portugal - Argentina - Mexico-City - California and Civil-partnership introduced in Ireland

3rd January 2011 by Dr Inġ. Patrick Attard


2010 has been a very successful year for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) world. Gay Marriage has been introduced in Iceland, Portugal, Argentina, Mexico-City and California. Civil-partnership was introduced in Ireland.

In Belarus, the police violently cracked-down on gay rights' demonstration. Several people were beaten and arrested.

Russian police detained gay activists in Moscow. The activists had been protesting against the mayor's homophobic views. In an interesting twist, the European Court of Human Rights upheld three complaints over the ban on gay Pride marches which was a major legal victory for Russian Gay Rights campaigners who were awarded compensation.

The European Parliament wants EU countries to recognise existing same-sex unions. The EP reaffirmed that the effects of civil documents (birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, etc.) must remain the same throughout the European Union. This implies that all couples, including same-sex couples in marriages or civil partnerships must retain their rights in all EU countries. Following this vote, the European Commission will propose ways to enable mutual recognition of all partnerships and marriages throughout the EU.

US President Barack Obama took part in the 'It Gets Better' campaign against gay suicides which was launched after the suicide of Tyler Clementi. President Obama ended the 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' policy banning gays from serving in the military.

Pope Benedict XVI also visited Malta, the UK where protests were organised and Spain where he was greeted with a gay kiss-in. The year ended well for Pope Benedict XVI who admitted that condoms can can used to prevent AIDS after all. He had previously caused outrage by saying that condoms spread AIDS, on the way to Africa in 2009. He also had a superb Christmas show with four half-naked hunks.


In March a book on Maltese gay history, Queer Mediterranean Memories was launched in March [Malti]. It stirred a controversy for claiming that Malta's St. Preca was gay. The book was condemned by the Maltese Bishops.

A EU-wide report said that gays are not allowed to serve openly in armed forces. However, the

Karl Gouder (PN) was elected as the first openly gay MP but he has done absolutely nothing for the LGBT community so far.

In Victoria, Australia, Hobson's Bay Deputy Mayor, Tony Briffa born with an intersex condition went boldly as 'other'. He claimed "I fought to be me. It wasn't so much about me becoming Tony, a male; it was more about finding out who I was meant to be had doctors not interfered." [Malti].


In a mind-blowing news article in It-Torċa, it was discovered that you can't kiss your gay partner in public in Qormi, the Police will come straight away, but it's not so bad in Valletta, St. Paul's Bay or Żejtun.

Jeffery Pullicino Orlando (PN) presented a divorce bill. Mgr Anton Gouder claimed that those voting for divorce would be committing a sin creating a strong reaction. Later on J. Pullicino Orlando presented a modified Bill with PL's MP Evarist Bartolo. Mr Bartolo also presented a Gender Identity Bill in December. Dr Owen Bonnici asked Minister Pullicino whether he discriminates against sexual orientation when employing people in his secretariat. The answer was No. Evarist Bartolo asked Justice Minister Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici when the Maltese Parliament would put forward a clear signal that equal rights to same-sex couples cannot be held back by people hiding behind religious beliefs and prejudice. MP Bartolo mentioned the case of Ireland, where civil partnership had just been introduced. The Minister's reply was that what happens in foreign countries should have no effect on Malta, and that Maltese legislation and policies are not drafted based on what takes place abroad.

We were promised a Cohabitation Law by year's end, by the Prime Minister himself. Nothing materialised so far.

Constutional Court:
Transsexual Joanne Cassar won the right to marry even though the Attorney General has now appealed.


Education Minister Dolores Cristina said that the 'Equality promotion commission should widen its remit' [DOI: Diskors tal-Ministru tal-Edukazzjoni, Onor. Dolores Cristina]. That's the only positive thing our Maltese Government has done for gay people in 2010. Well that's not surprising considering that the PN thinks that gays are a new reality [L-omosesswalità mhix realtà ġdida]. Anyway, the government is now interested in our bedroom after all.

The Malta Gay Rights Movement stated that Major discrimination against gay and lesbian people still takes place in all spheres. The case of a Maltese man who has to choose btween his foreign partner and elderly parents is probably the most sad [Diskriminazzjoni sfaċċata ma’ persuni ‘gay’]. There goes the Maltese compassion. Kif tista' ma ċċempilx!!

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  1. excellent article Dr Attard
    Keep up all your hard work. I am confident that the God of my heart, the God of all true people of belief, will support and empower your valuable work. Be assured that I will continue to barrack the Maltese government as much as I can, albeit from here in the UK and during my frequent visits to the island. Even the hard hearted ministers of the government will defrost and yield in time. My partner and I still intend to relocate to the islands within the next couple of years and we know that the people will continue to welcome us as they have done time and timeagain in the past.

  2. Good overview... Thanks for your valuable contribution to our community! Keep it up.