Monday, 10 January 2011

Times: Transgender person's right to marry

Monday, 3rd January 2011 by Jeffrey Tabone Mirasole, Mqabba

I read that the Attorney General appealed the right of a transgender to marry because the person in question still has anatomical parts of a male, thus, cannot marry another male.

So the first question is: Can she marry another woman? If yes, let the powers that be say so. If no, then is the state now dictating what relationships should or should not be? If I know my history I think this was done under the Nazis.

Secondly, since information on this person's anatomy has been published, is she not being discriminated against? I happen to be married and I do not recall anyone publishing details of my anatomy.

Thirdly, can anyone tell me what difference does it make to society as a whole whether this girl marries or not? From a secular point of view, I see no reason. From a religious point of view (any religion), even less so. All religions preach tolerance as a pillar. Seems preaching and committing to what is preached are two different worlds.

And, last but not least, we are being bombarded by billboards about equality at the place of work and even workplaces putting such equality into practice are being rewarded and, yet, here we have a case where we have to determine whether a person is male or female. If both are equal then it makes no difference. Quite simple, really!

I don't know this person except via the press. I wish to express my support and solidarity with her and end with a message to her. Whatever the decision by the courts, whatever names "do-gooders" might call you, you can find happiness within you. You are you as I am me. No one in this world can change that!

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