Monday, 10 January 2011

Malta Today: Uganda court ruling stops media from leaking gay identities

3rd January 2011

Media stopped from leaking identities of homosexuals in Uganda

A Ugandan high court has ruled that the media cannot publish identities of people revealing them as homosexual, following a mass 'outing' of homosexuals by a Ugandan newspaper.

The case was brought against The Rolling Stone newspaper which published a several lists of Ugandan people that the editor said was gay, though extended to all media. Many people were attacked as a result as photos were printed along with the lists.

Homosexual acts are illegal in Uganda and activists say the gay community still lives in fear.

The newspaper said that as the people involved were gay rights leaders it should not be punished for announcing them to be homosexual. The three were awarded 1.5m Ugandan shillings (€500) in compensation and was ordered to pay legal fees.

Human rights activists say that this is a “landmark ruling” in a country where the death penalty was called for for some homosexual acts by a local MP last year.

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