Monday, 25 February 2008

Imagine: Gay Partnerships and Divorce

Why all the fuss about gay partnerships or divorce?

Some people say that Life is what happens when you're trying to do something else.

Imagine that your marriage falls apart, and then after a number of years you fall in love with someone else. Imagine when you're becoming an adult you realise you are different. Then you fall in love with someone of your same sex.

Imagine if the person you love most in your life is seriously ill and you are not involved in the decisions of treatment taken.

Imagine if the person you love most in your life died, and in the most difficult time of your life, you are not entitled to bereavement leave, or organise the funeral.

Imagine if the person you love most in your life, isn't an EU citizen and cannot live or work in Malta.

If the big political parties cannot talk about these issues during the electoral campaign, do you think they will raise them up in parliament? - I don't think so.

All the AD Candidates contesting the election signed the Malta Gay Rights Petition.

Imagine having 9 Green MPs who understand you.

Vote for the people who will take you seriously. Vote for Change.

Vote 1 Alternattiva Demokratika.

Patrick Attard


  1. It is amazing what a difference that piece of paper could mean for so many people... It is only when people are in a situation like you outlined (sickness, workpermits, etc) that you realise how important it is for SOCIETY to recognise all the different unions that exist between human beings.
    I fully support your campaign and wish you the best in the coming weeks!!!

  2. I agree 100%. It's a real pity that such issues are constantly being neglegted by politicians. However this question comes to mind: "Why does't AD make this proposal well know to the general public? (for example on a Billboard)" I'm more than sure that there are a big number of people in favour of this proposal, but who simply do not know about it.

  3. AD has a very limited budget and cannot afford more billboards. I invite you to write a letter in a newspaper. In this remaining week, we can still make a difference.