Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Gays and Kenneth Zammit Tabona

This blog is a reply to Kenneth Zammit Tabona's article:



Gay Vote

I was perplexed when I read the article "We are but electoral puppet monarchs" by Kenneth Zammit Tabona. I have been a gay rights activist for 5 years, in Germany and in Malta and decided to join Alternattiva Demokratika after Harry Vassallo made a moving speech at last year's gay pride March. It seems Mr. Zammit Tabona wasn't there.

AN made a huge statement on gay issues one week after my political outing on Illum (


). It seems Mr. Zammit Tabona hasn't read this article either.

It seems Mr. Zammit Tabona hasn't realised who showed Joe Saliba the PN's dismal track record on gay rights. It was me, an AD candidate. Maybe Mr. Zammit Tabona hasn't realised that all the nine Alternattiva Demokratika candidates have signed the Malta Gay Rights Petition.

If AD is not elected in parliament this time, maybe all the Kenneth Zammit Tabonas will realise they lost a chance.

Vote 1 Alternattiva Demokratika

Ing. Patrick Attard


  1. Hello Patrick

    jien Manuel Camilleri, kont nghallmek San Alwigi. Ridt biss naghtik l-awguri ghall-elezzjoni. Nammirak hafna. Awguri u kuragg.

  2. thank you hafna Manuel!
    Issa naraw x'jigri. Jien ghandi l-kuxjenza nadifa li ippruvajt indbiddel l-affarijiet ghall-ahjar. Issa n-nies iridu jiddeciedu iridunix nirrapresenthom.