Sunday, 13 July 2008

Malta Today: Gays’ Shopping List: confusing (article not available online yet)
13th July 2008
Evarist Saliba, Swieqi

I learn from the article by Evarist Bartolo (6 July) that the Malta Gay Rights Movement (MGRM) had requested all political parties before the last election to legalise the rights of same-sex couples, to make violence against homosexuals a criminal offence, to address bullying against homosexuals in schools, to prohibit discrimination against them in the delivery of goods and services, for the National Commission or the Promotion of Equality to cater for the grounds (?) of sexual orientation and the inclusion of sexual reassignment, etc, etc.

I find the shopping order from homosexuals rather confusing. Are we to understand that violence, bullying and discrimination against anyone is to be accepted, as long as the person is not homosexual?

This is what the MGRM are after, if Evarist Bartolo has reflected correctly on the document in his possession. It seems that some consider themselves more equal than others. Violence, bullying and unjustified discrimination, are, or should be, illegal, irrespective of whether the victim is heterosexual or a homosexual.

I shall not enter into the realm of gender reassignment, especially as I am rather confused at the moment, having read about the person who chose to become a man and then to give birth to a baby. I am sure that there are those who look on this as the height of human liberal achievement. Even at the risk of being called all types of names, I would rather be counted with those who disagree.

With all due respect to the Spanish Prime Minister, I do not think that the law that he passed through the Cortes has changed the basic fact that the human race has been created, and/or has evolved, into males and females who are biologically meant to pair with each other to produce offspring. The civilised world has come to call this pairing marriage. Yes, nature does produce exceptions which prove the rule. This should not be an excuse to pervert the truth.

Let us be tolerant by all means, and let tolerance be genuine to the point of accommodation. But I do not accept that accommodation should be interpreted as accepting the views of homosexuals as expressed in the article by Evarist Bartolo.

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