Monday, 14 July 2008

Copenhagen Post: Gays less likely to divorce


Waiting to get married appears to be the key to living happily ever after

When homosexual couples agree to stick with each other until death do them part, they are more likely mean it than than heterosexual couples, according to recent statistics from the National Association of Gays and Lesbians.

Only 17 percent of same-sex marriages end in divorce, while half of traditional marriages do.

According to association spokesperson Stig Laursen, the reason could be that homosexuals tend to get married later and live together before doing so than mixed-gender couples do.

'I really don't think gays and lesbians are any better spouses than anybody else,' he said.

Marriage therapist Gitte N�rskov said the survey debunked the myth of homosexuals as promiscuous. She said the older people wait to get married, the more successful they tend to be.

'You've got more experience, and you have a better idea of what a relationship is all about,' she said.

Laursen suggested that should same-sex couples considering adopting or having children through artificial insemination should consider getting married first.

'Otherwise, custody issues are unclear if you do wind up splitting up.' (km)

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