Thursday, 17 January 2013

Malta Today: [WATCH] On adoptions, Muscat doesn't see 'need' for change in legislation

Labour leader Joseph Muscat says he doesn’t see the need for a change in legislation as it is a public policy issue.
Tuesday 15 January 2013 - 13:04 by Miriam Dalli

Labour leader Joseph Muscat.

Labour leader Joseph Muscat said he doesn't see the need for a change in legislation to allow gay couples to adopt.

As things stand today, a single gay person can adopt; however, the same right is not extended to a gay couple. On the other hand, opposite-sex couples can jointly adopt.

"We don't see the need for a change in legislation and our point is that child's best interest always comes first," Muscat told MaltaToday, arguing that this was an issue of public policy.

While Muscat was reported as saying he supports adoptions by gay couples, a Labour government would not legislate to reflect this in the Maltese laws.

"My stand is to always look out for the child's best interest," he said.

Muscat argued that heterosexual couples did not automatically qualify to adopt simply because of their sexual orientation. He said that like any other single person, a same-sex couple must undergo "tests" which, if passed, would make them eligible to adopt.

Muscat went on to ask what would happen if a mother entered a gay relationship. "Does this mean that the child will be taken away from the mother? Our point is that the interest of the child are always safeguarded."

He added that today there were gay couples who, de facto, have children.

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