Monday, 21 January 2013

Di-ve: AD –Same sex couples can adopt
Last Updated 17 | 01 | 2013 at 10:44, Elections 2013
Article By:Charlene Mifsud,

Same sex couples should be given the right to marriage and adoption, said AD Chairperson Michael Briguglio this morning at a press conference at the Msida Marina.

AD is the only party that fully supports MGRM proposals regarding civil unions, adoptions and IVF procedures said the party’s spokesperson for social policy and civil rights, Angele Deguara. She spoke about the need for a change in legislature to eradicate discrimination against the LGBT community. “This change must be at constitutional, moral and social level to ensure that the same rights are given to everyone,” she held.

Mr Briguglio spoke about the importance that both parties make their position clear on the issue of marriage and adoption. Contrary to what both PL and PN have agreed upon the legislation should offer the same rights for everyone in respect of adoption and IVF.

The AD Chairperson feels that there should be more awareness regarding LGBT couples so that full equality can take place. While glad that both parties have taken up the issue and PL has come up with its proposals, Mr Briguglio feels the PN are still holding back on their position about issues related to LGBT couples.

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