Wednesday, 27 May 2009

MaltaMedia: Who'll get the pink vote?
27.5.9 by Gattaldo

My British government acknowledges my same sex relationship. My Civil Partnership certificate is worth nowt in Malta. 

In view of the MEP elections, will someone enlighten me as to who in Malta is promising the best legal recognition of my relationship? It all seems much of a muchness to me. The only difference I have noticed so far is that, in contrast with the rest, the Nationalist MEPs seem to be more reticent and have taken a longer time to sign ILGA-Europe's pledge. The same MEPs were also clearer in stating they were against same sex marriage and child adoptions by same-sex couples. 

This does not mean the others get off scot free. Correct me if I am wrong but the other MEP/MEP hopefuls never said they were in favour of same sex marriage and child adoptions by same sex couples. All they promise is to put us all in one multi-purpose basket along with all flat-sharing mates. I find that insulting. I have promised to love, respect and have amazing sex (OK, the last is just wishful thinking) with my partner, taking in the responsibilities that come with such a commitment and I get to be lumped with people who's only thing in common is their address. 

Here we are thanking them profusely for the privilege of having met us just prior to asking us for our vote. They'll have to do better than that.

The way I see it is they all feel they're being charitable, whilst retaining at the same time that a love between a man and a woman is way superior. You know what? You NEED my vote and although I'm not a one issue voter (I have already voiced my concern at why each MEP has placed the immigration issue before that of the economy), I might just this one time make sure you never get close to that gravy train.

I don't expect anything better from a closet case who can't resist a boogie amongst bare chested same-sex loving hunks and his "won't dare criticise the Pope" mate, but my respect for those who claim to be liberal is fast disappearing.

Although this is one truly emotional piece on my part, I do hope you will send in your comments about this issue. In principle, I am against throwing away my vote, but I simply don't have the foggiest who's for real in this game.

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