Friday, 1 May 2009

MaltaStar: Putting one's money where one's mouth is
28 April 2009 by Sandro Mangion

Around four weeks ago I blogged about how I wondered how many aspirant MEPs will sign a ten-point pledge formulated by the International Gay and Lesbian Association’s European branch (ILGA-Europe).

By signing the declaration, which is currently being presented to all European Parliament elections candidates throughout the EU, a candidate would be declaring that, if elected, s/he will promote equality and combat discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Well, I’ve just had a look at the interactive map which ILGA-Europe has put up on its website, and which provides information about which candidates, and from which Member States, have signed. I was surprised with the substantial number of candidates who have already placed their signature. Amongst them are the first two candidates from Malta: Sharon Ellul-Bonici (Partit Laburista) and John Zammit (Alleanza Liberali).

Well done, Sharon and John, for not hesitating a moment before putting your money where your mouth is. May other aspirant MEPs follow in your footsteps and make it known by all and sundry that they are all for an inclusive society, as opposed to one that discriminates.

Here's the interactive map showing which EP election candidates, and from which Member States, have already signed the ten-point pledge:

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