Thursday, 28 May 2009

Times: Video interview: 66 votes, but [Cecil] Jones to try again [KUL Ewropa]

[P. Attard's Note: Cecil H. Jones, KUL Ewropa, is in favour of gay-rights according to the video interview - 5:30: Cecil Jones has nothing against homosexuality and believes gays are sensitive and valid people and should not be discriminated against.]

«Click on the hyperlink above to watch the video and read the comments on the Times' website.»

Cecil Jones got 66 votes at the last European Parliament elections but that has not discouraged him from trying once more as a candidate of KUL Ewropa.

He said he particularly wishes to propose his own vision for the political and humane solution of the immigration problem, while also renewing the political tradition of the 1950s Jones Party, which is still remembered in Gozo.

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