Sunday, 17 May 2009

Times: AD on its way to winning MEP seat - Cassola


AD was on its way to winning a seat in the European Parliament, chairman and MEP candidate Arnold Cassola said.

Addressing an EP elections campaign activity he said that AD had a very good fighting chance, even more so now that Malta would probably get six seats in the European Parliament.

He said that surveys quoted by The Sunday Times today gave 56 to 57 percent to the PL and 40 percent to the PN.

“This anonymous survey is very difficult to believe. So according to The Sunday Times, all other parties will get just over 3.5 percent,” he asked.

Prof. Cassola said that The Sunday Times failed to report that AD’s share of the vote in scientific polls was increasing.

“The reality is that scientific polls show that AD is on its way to win a seat in the European Parliament. We can do it. Yes we can. Malta needs a third voice in the European Parliament. Pluralism will show that Malta is a serious and modern country.”

Prof. Cassola also referred to statistics about the state of the family that one out of four children were born out of wedlock.

AD wanted to strengthen the family by investing in counselling services, but social reality had to be faced.

“AD will push for a resolution in the EP for divorce to be recognised in Malta so that those who choose can build a new family should they wish to. We will also work for the recognition on pension and inheritance rights for various forms of cohabiting couples.”

MEP candidate Yvonne Ebejer Arqueros spoke of the need of childcare facilities.

She said that schools were closed after 2.30 p.m. With some investment these could be used to provide childcare facilities.

“We must make an effort to reach the Lisbon criteria”, she said.

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