Tuesday, 19 May 2009

MaltaToday: Interview with Marlene Mizzi: Marlene on the wall

17.5.9 by Raphael Vassallo

[Excerpt from the Interview. Read the whole article on the hyperlink above.]

She went to war with Austin Gatt over the fate of Sea Malta, but insists her candidature with Labour has nothing to do with it. Instead, MARLENE MIZZI talks about her war on political discrimination, scaremongering and Nationalist arrogance


“When I meet people I am often been told things like: ‘I would vote for you if only you contested with the PN’...”

Exposure to political discrimination has also helped shape Marlene Mizzi’s own campaign strategy, which she insists is based on individual issues and policies, and not simply criticism of other candidates. Foremost among her policy platforms is the fight for citizens’ (and animals’) rights – including the right to work, to health, education, information, gender equality, gay rights... and naturally the fight against discrimination.

“Discrimination is the automatic annihilation of a right,” she says... adding that the right to information is itself the key to understanding the culture of discrimination she claims the PN have brought about in their 21 years at the helm.
“Information is power,” she points out. “And while it is true that information does filter down, you will find that it doesn’t filter down to everybody alike. Look, for example, at how many Laburisti are employed in Brussels...”
Apart from civil rights, Marlene places immigration high on her list of campaign priorities.

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