Saturday, 23 May 2009

Times: PN candidates meet gay rights movement

The PN will work to combat discrimination against people over their sexual orientation, but there were issues with which the party did not agree with the gay rights movement, PN MEP Simon Busuttil said today.

Speaking at a meeting between Nationalist EP candidates and representatives of the movement, Dr Busuttil said the PN was not in favour of same sex marriages and child adoptions by same-sex couples, but it was ready to discuss issues such as rights for same sex cohabiting couples.

Gaby Calleja, who led the Gay Rights Movement's delegation, agreed that there were issues the two sides did not agree upon. She said the concept of discrimination was taken to mean an absence of equality, and equality did not come in pieces. One was either equal to another, or not.

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[P. Attard's Note: Well done to the Malta Gay Rights Movement for holding the meeting. The should publish a press release on the other meetings they had with the other candidates. They should endorse a candidate or a political party noting not only their promises but their past work too. Click here to view articles related to the EU Election.]


Times: PN candidates meet gay activists

Sunday, 24th May 2009 by Claudia Calleja

Nationalist MEP candidates would work to combat discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation, Simon Busuttil said yesterday.

However, the MEP said the party was not in favour of same-sex marriage or adoption by gay couples even though it was open to discussion on other issues such as granting rights to cohabiting same-sex couples.

Dr Busuttil clarified the PN's position over gay issues in a meeting with members of the Malta Gay Rights Movement.

"This is a sensitive issue and there are things that we will agree on and others we will disagree about," Dr Busuttil told the movement's members during a meeting yesterday.

The movement's chairman Gaby Calleja said that to her and her movement, the concept of discrimination meant lack of equality.

"Equality is not something that comes in bits and pieces. You are either equal or not," she said.

The first minutes of the discussion were open to the media before the two parties continued in private.

Earlier this year the two PN MEPs, Dr Busuttil and David Casa, voted in favour of amendments recognising the need for laws on cohabitation, including those of gay couples, and the recognition of same-sex marriages performed in other EU member states.

This vote was part of a non-binding resolution to harmonise fundamental EU human rights' laws and showed a marked shift in the position of the party.

Traditionally, the PN - a party rooted in Christian Democratic values - preferred to steer away from these hot social issues. The change was in line with promises made by the PN before last year's general election to legislate on cohabitation, including same-sex couples.

A recent EU report shows that gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual and transgender people in Malta still feel they are victims of discrimination, particularly in areas such as health services and education.

The report, drawn up by the EU's Fundamental Rights Agency, found that many in Malta still conceal their sexual orientation from relatives, fearing a negative reaction. However, the majority of those who decide to be open are generally met with acceptance within their family.

Nearly a third of LGBT people in Malta say they conceal their sexual orientation when accessing health services, again fearing discrimination.

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  1. Their track record regarding voting on gay rights speaks for itself.

  2. No Maltese gay man or lesbian in his or her right mind should vote for either Busuttil or Casa. But then loyalty to one's political party which is a curse in Malta and internalised homophobia (that is homophobia of gay men and lesbians themselves) will inevitably return these two to the European Parliament. Politicians always promise during elections but few have the balls to deliver.

    Joseph Carmel Chetcuti

  3. AnonymousMay 24, 2009

    Still don't understand why Prime Minister won't allow gay people who are out as members of parlament. I guess that Malta should invest in a bigger closet !

  4. AnonymousMay 24, 2009

    Still can't figure out why Prime Minister won't allow gay people as members of parlament! Than they say there is no discrimination in Malta. I guess we should invest in a bigger closet!

  5. m'hemmx kelma ohra biex tidiskrivihom hlief KUMMIDJANTI!!

  6. Actions speak louder than words!

    History shows that the PN are very good with words, but they leave much to be desired when it comes to translating those (often pre-electoral) pledges into actions.

    Just consider the 1998 pledges to cohabitees, which till today (11 years of continuous PN governments later) have still not been translated into action, as a one case in point.