Saturday, 16 May 2009

Times: PL reiterates position against abortion

Oppostition Party leader Joseph Muscat reiterated his party's position against abortion and promised that the PL would not touch or remove stipends. He also said that the role of politicians was to create productive employment.

In an interview with DJ Gianni as part of the party's EP elections campaign, Dr Muscat said that Labour wanted to create employment in Gozo through fiscal incentives and by making the island more accessible to attract more investment.

Gozo deserved much more than the little importance it was given by the government before a general election.

Politicans, Dr Muscat said, should not create bureaucracy and the country needed to promote investment for young people who wanted to start a business.

Asked about the party’s vision for Paceville, Dr Muscat said as an any other entertainment area, a balance had to be reached between the interests of residents and those who invested their money.

Regulations, including on the sale of alcohol and opening times of places of entertainment, had to be observed.

On children born out of wedlock, Dr Muscat said these had to be given the same treatment as others. He said that the time had come to introduce civil rights for couples who opted not to marry and minorities had the right to a decent living.

He said it was scandalous that the country was finding it difficult to put up a condoms machine at university. Although condoms were not the solution to sexually transmitted diseases, more education on such themes would help.

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  1. AnonymousJune 10, 2011

    Personally, I can't uphold abortion because it means killing an innocent, helpless creature, and goes against the 5th commandment. But, in my view, there should be one exception. If, for some medical reason, the unborn foetus poses a very serious, irreversible threat to the mother's own life, then resorting to abortion should be considered, and should not be sinful. The film, 'The Cardinal', provoked a lot of arguments and the ensuing debates analysed the logic of this exercise.