Saturday, 16 May 2009

Independent: PL promotes proposal on wider definition of the family in rent law

The Labour Party is promoting its proposal on a wider definition of the family in the rent law, with the view of giving the children of unmarried couples the right to inheritance of the lease of the home their parents lived in.

Speaking in Paceville during a political activity featuring the party’s young candidates for the local council elections on Wednesday evening, Labour leader Joseph Muscat said the party’s proposal was based on the fact that the number of families forming out of wedlock is on the increase.

He said the PN had voted against the Labour Party’s proposal in Parliament, so essentially, it voted against the children of unmarried couples being given the right to inheritance of the lease of the property their parents lived in.

This is what distinguishes between a progressive and a conservative party, said Dr Muscat, adding that the state’s role is to protect people, rather than interfering in their lives.

As he has done before, Dr Muscat spoke about the PL’s idea for a progressive coalition in the form of a movement bringing together workers, people from the middle class, young people, pensioners and the self-employed.

The time has come for our progressive ideas to be implemented in a practical way, he said. He noted, with satisfaction, that the Labour MEPs had no problem voting in favour of new rights for gay couples, and to condemn gay persecution in the European parliament. The Nationalist MEPs, however, had voted against.

The PL, he said, never feared conservative forces, and it was the Labour Party that had encouraged the separation of the state and the church at a time when the conservative forces were stronger than they are now.

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