Monday, 11 May 2009

MaltaStar: Chiara, a small gesture for the gays
9.5.9 by Sandro Mangion

I join my friend Gattaldo ( in encouraging Malta's participant in this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow to make a small gesture to show her solidarity with the Russian gay community.

The Russian capital has banned a gay parade which was planned for May 16 to coincide with the ESC because it will "destroy morals". A spokesman for the Moscow mayor said any attempt to hold an unsanctioned parade would be "toughly stopped by law enforcement agencies in accordance with the law."

Due to the known fact that a large portion of ESC supporters are gay, Russian gay activists have launched an appeal to all the participant singers to back gay rights in Russia while on stage.

Picture: Why should this happen again in Moscow this year?

Dear Chiara, gay people form a significant portion of your fan base. They love you and have supported you incessantly throughout the years. It would be greatly appreciated if, apart from performing your number with that stunning voice of yours in Moscow, you also exploit the fact that you'll be watched by thousands of people to pass on a clear message in favour of inclusion and against discrimination on the basis of one's sexual orientation.

Check out the news on Moscow's gay parade organiser's own website:

The meaning behind gay pride parades:

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