Tuesday, 19 May 2009

MaltaStar: Niddivjaw fuq l-omosesswalità

18 May 2009 by Pia Micallef

“Nationalist and homosexual? Don’t worry! Just run into your closet whenever Gonzi is around. The rest of the time you can stay out because nobody minds - honestly.

Failed marriage? Lucky enough to have found someone else to put up with you?

Living together for the last 5-10-15-20 years? Don’t worry! She’s only your best friend - Gonzi will believe you!

Failed marriage? Had the money to go away and get a foreign divorce? This is possible if you have the money, and if you have the money - you must be a Nationalist! It makes you a far more privileged European than us - why not? You’re worth it!

Don’t worry, if you don’t tell Gonzi, he’ll never know, just keep wearing your wedding ring “taht it-tinda”.

As for the rest of you homosexuals, divorceés and cohabiteés, if you really, really want to be a Nationalist candidate; Lawrence will surely put on his blinkers once again - don’t worry! Nowadays they are part of his everyday attire. Remember; flimkien KOLLOX possibli”
“Ma jisthix?”

That is what comes to mind when I think of this potentially politically suicidal notion that dear Dr Gonzi pushed himself into in 1998, when he said that he will not have any homosexual, divorced or co-habiting candidates within his party (heqhim, I will refrain from commenting in order to avoid a libel suit , but thankfully certain people’s limp wrists are far too evident; so you can guess the rest).
This point of view is medieval. I can’t understand how what happens within someone’s bedroom can reflect on their credibility in government.
Personally I’d rather have a divorced, co-habituating with their same sex partner CREDIBLE prime minister; then one who sends me bills of over €400 because he can’t figure out when to buy oil (even though everyone’s screaming that the price is about to go down).
Does this man realise that there is a large number of nationalists who are separated and who co-habitate? Does he now not acknowledge them? How closed minded can this person be to say “no, I don’t want any candidates who are like that!” … why not though? What do YOU have more than them?

Actually let’s take it this way;

Could it be that Dr Gonzi is insinuating that I am better than one of his darling youths who sit behind him in mass meetings - just because my parents are still together?

Could it be that Dr Gonzi is insinuating that I am better than one of his lovely campaigners (who might actually be –le Gasp- homosexual) that go door to door for him every five years, reminding people to not vote for the “hamalli socialisti”?
-Le! Gasp!- I must be so privileged!
Can I have my job at OPM now please?
(U, Halluni ha niddivja ftit!)

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