Friday, 22 May 2009

Times: One cannot ignore that new ‘family concepts' are emerging - Abela Baldacchino


"In the European Parliament I will protect the stability of local families, though I understand those who weren't as lucky to experience it." This comment was made by Labour MEP candidate Claudette Abela Baldacchino when she called on Archbishop Paul Cremona.

During the meeting she presented the Archbishop the draft of the report about the fight against discrimination which she prepared for the European Commission on behalf of the Regional Committee of the EU.

Ms Abela Baldacchino explained that the report positively notes that the proposed directive against discrimination does not dispute the relationship between the State and the Church or any other organisation when it comes to teachings and laws that have to do with family status, reproductive rights, adoptions, and other such issues. She stressed that one cannot ignore the fact that new concepts of what a family is, are emerging.

She said that the report highlights the importance and responsibility the media have when debating diversity and children as the fulcrum of social politics. The same should be done with families and elderly people, she said.

Archbishop Cremona said that there is a need of a moral and personal strength so that the families remain strong even in difficult times. He said that the need to seriously protect and promote the Maltese and Gozitan families is being felt now more than ever. The Archbishop explained how it was not enough that one speaks about the structure of the family unless there is, in parallel, a campaign that favours unwavering marriages and loyalty among our families.

Both Ms Abela Baldacchino and the Archbishop agreed that there was a need to positively promote ethical family values.

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