Thursday, 27 September 2012

Join MGRM's call for Marriage Equality and send a letter of opposition to the proposed bill now!

26.9.2012 by the Malta Gay Rights Movement
[Please note that the public consultation period ends on the 30th September 2012]

'Civil Cohabitation Partnerships' = 2nd class citizenship.  

The government's Civil Cohabitation Partnership Bill includes a limited set of basic rights and obligations for cohabiting same sex and opposite sex partners most of which can already be entered into through a private notarial deed!

This falls far short of the recognition that same-sex couples and their children deserve by right. The European Court of Human Rights has clearly stated that same-sex couples constitute 'family life' like different-sex couples do.

Get involved by sending the letter below to Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi (, the Minister for Justice, Dialogue and the Family Chris Said ( as well as the official consultation process address ( asking for equal civil marriage for all irrespective of the couple's sexual orientation.  This is the surest way to achieve equality for same-sex couples and their children. Show them that marriage matters and that you are not ready to barter!

Dear Prime Minister, Dear Minister,
 I would like to express my disappointment at the Civil Cohabitation Partnership Bill and the lack of dignity and rights which it grants to same-sex couples and their families. I take this opportunity to express my strong support for the introduction of marriage equality that would extend the right of civil marriage to same sex couples and grant equal protection to their children. 
 The denial of marriage equality hurts not just same-sex couples but also family members and any children they care for. While the Civil Cohabitation Partnership Bill may grant some limited recognition to such families, there is no substitute to the equality in dignity and rights that marriage equality provides. No legal mechanism for protecting families is as widely accepted and as far reaching as marriage. Denying access to marriage to same sex couples discriminates against them and relegates them to second class citizenship. I believe that same-sex families deserve much better. 
 Marriage equality hurts no one. It is not a threat to society, nor does it negatively affect marriage between opposite sex couples. It only serves to validate the love and commitment of same sex couples and their families and sends a clear signal that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is not acceptable in any sphere of Maltese society. I thus urge you to show that you care and choose equality over prejudice. 
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  1. we should include Joseph Muscat as well

    1. This letter was written by the Malta Gay Rights Movement.
      I have re-posted it here without changing the content.

      You can obviously write, and we encourage that, to whoever is willing to listen, including PL, AD etc.