Thursday, 20 September 2012

Di-ve: We were the first to uphold the rights of gay people - PL
18.9.2012 By Christian Mangion,

Under the logo 'Searching for that which unites us', the PL today has again opened its doors in a bid to reach out to the general public to lay the foundation of its electoral program through public acclaim.

In his speech, PL Deputy Leader Anglu Farrugia promised those present that all suggestions mentioned by the floor would be taken into consideration by the Labour Party.

Saluting the memory of ex-premier Dom Mintoff, Dr Farrugia stated that the PL was the first government to uphold the rights of gay people and protect them from being discriminated against.

A new Labour government will also take on the challenge of eradicating the issue of poverty from the Maltese society, and increase the standard of living of the family cells.

Mentioning the case where employees were paid less than what was legally and rightfully owed, Dr Farrugia held that a new PL government will, from the first day of its legislation, terminate any contract that does not honor the minimum levels as stated by law.

The Deputy Leader proposed that the guidelines for the electoral document should be a higher standard of living guaranteeing a better future for the family. The proposal was unanimously approved by those present.

Gabi Calleja from the Gay Rights Movement brought up the fact that the family is not only a right to heterosexual couples but also to same-sex couples. The commitment taken upon a couple who promise to be there for each other through thick and thin should not have gender boundaries, she added.

Members from the public also discussed the issue of pensions for widows especially in the case where children are over 16 years and the widow's pension is reviewed, the need for more care centers for children with disabilities and also for the elderly in order to provide for a more inclusive society. Just as was mentioned in yesterday's discussions, the issue of giving dignity to one and all featured highly, together with the reality that a number of families are bordering on poverty.

The issue of wider, more community-oriented local councils that provide for the education and IT-related needs of those who cannot afford them was also mentioned.

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