Monday, 3 September 2012

Malta Star: Muscat accepts Joe Grima's resignation
Thursday, 30 Aug 2012, 15:40

Labour leader Joseph Muscat has today accepted Joe Grima's resignation. Mr Grima early this morning referred to Richard Cachia Caruana as 'Rich il-puff'. Last week Mr Grima used foul language against a priest and appeared to link priests in general to paedophilia. The former Labour minister resigned as ONE TV's presenter for the programme Inkontri.

In his email addressed to Dr Muscat, Joe Grima stated:

"My reaction to Fr Lucie, though not part of my make-up, was certainly inappropriate.

I feel that neither you nor the Labour Party should in any way pay a price for what was, in every way, a slip up which is being turned into one attack after another on you and on the Party.

Regarding other criticism being leveled at me, you know me well enough to know I value diversity and am anything but a homophobe.

I am therefore leaving Inkontri. In my opinion it is the honorable thing to do under the circumstances.

I remain totally dedicated to your cause as Labour leader, to your ideals and to you personally. I wish every success.

I know that you and our country deserves it"

Dr Muscat distanced himself from the comments posted on Facebook by former Labour Minister Joe Grima against the contents of an obituary published in ‘The Catholic Herald’ by Fr Lucie Smith. He called Grima’s comments "totally unacceptable".

Grima wrote on Facebook: "I read your article Fr Lucie-Smith and your comments about Dom Mintoff. Do you want to have mine? Certainly. F*** you Father. If you're not already used to it there are enough paedophiles (sic) in your clan to show you the ropes."

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