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Malta Star: [VIDEO]"We want a future that unites us" - J.Muscat

Saturday, 22 Sep 2012, 18:07

When addressing the mass meeting to conclude the Labour Congress, Labour Leader Dr Joseph Muscat listed the guidelines for the roadmap that Labour will present to the electorate, and also mentioned specific measures, like a new Labour government recognising civil partnerships between gay couples.

Dr. Muscat started his address to the thouands that thronged Ta' Qali on Saturday by saying that the movement created by the PL is the new way of doing politics. The major difference is that through the introduction of such a movement the people are being heard. Gone are the days when people just listened to politicians. We have opened our doors to the people so that they can have a say in governing.

The Labour Leader said that the party is aware of the problems it will face when elected. We will not promise what we cannot deliver on and the PL will guarantee that what is promised is deliverable. We will help employees, self-employed and employers. The PL in government will support local enterprise and will welcome new initiatives. It will be a party that will help people move forward in life and will encourage those people in business to continue with their work and to seek our help in facilitating expansion. We will fight bureaucracy which will lead to better business and in turn lead to the new middle class that the PL will help create.

18: 35 We are convinced that Malta needs a change, a change for the better and a change to a Labour Government. The Labour Party is the only party that can guarantee stability for the next five years. We have all witnessed the internal bickering of the PN which has effected Parliamentary business. This uncertainty has created an instability which can only be remedied by a new Labour government.

Joseph Muscat continued by saying that the Labour Party is ready with new ideas, a new approach to problem solving and with a team that can handle the many problems that a new government will inherit. The PL has people with experience, with life-skills and with the ability to treat problems with solutions. The Labour party in government will present a united team that will unite the people, added the Labour Leader.

The Maltese electorate will soon be called to make a choice, an important choice. It is a choice between the past and the future. A past that belonged to a select few with a future that unites one and all, said Joseph Muscat. The PN leadership has spent hours talking about me personally but has forgotten to speak about you – the people of Malta and Gozo. Gonzi and his strategy team have already been asking everywhere for support and have tried to present a new deal to you. But his record of keeping promises is well know and he is trying to fool the people again and again.

The GonziPN administration says that it is the party of change. The people know of this change and many have experienced it first hand. Employees at Airmalta, at the Malta Drydocks and bus drivers had received assurances from Lawrence Gonzi guaranteeing their work and livelihood, only to have their job terminated during the same legislature. The way SeaMalta employees have have been treated is shameful. The changes promised regarding Income tax have not been forthcoming and he has fooled the people again. This is the change that the PN has brought about. They have also changed the tranquillity and efficiency to be expected of MEPA and the length of the queues for Hospital beds at Mater Dei. Dr. Muscat continued by referring to the changes in Water & Electricity bills, to the changes at the Power station where the country has and will have to fork out millions to remedy the changes brought about by GonziPN. Gonzi also made a very important change – in his salary by allowing himself and his cabinet ministers a weekly increase of € 500 when the cost of living increase to each of us was € 1.16 cents. No this is not the change that the people want. He has now tried to offer you all a new deal. This time the people will have the option and opportunity to tell GonziPN – NO DEAL, said Joseph Muscat.

The Labour party will present a roadmap for the future. The Labour Leader said that together, through the Congress organized this past week, the Labour party has taken note of what the people want. It has set guidelines for the election manifesto which will in turn serve as guidelines for the way that the PL will govern. The Labour party will raise living standards. The PL will not make any distinction between citizens. The people both Nationalists and Labourites are but one family and we will work together for a united future that will increase economic activity. Together Malta will once again be proud of moving ahead together as one people for the benefit of all.

The roadmap will be based on twelve important guidelines set by the people at the Congress

We will ensure an economic growth that will benefit the whole population. We will not change from one blue clique to a red one. We will eradicate cliques, said Joseph Muscat. He also said that one of the major objectives is to restore the middle class which is so important to the welfare of the country. It had always occupied a very important place in our society, but it has been completely neglected by the Gonzi government.

Joseph Muscat reiterated that the Labour Party in government will tackle the problem of utility bills. The PL in government will reduce Water and Electricity bills It has been a promise and it will be a fact. The PL will find the funds to do so as the present government has found the funds to build his parliament.

The Labour Leader guaranteed that Water and Electricity bills will be reduced without he need for any other taxes. The PL will not raise any new taxes to make up for the reductions in Water and Electricity bills.

Joseph Muscat spoke on Education. It is the priority of the Labour party and the PL will move hand in hand with teaching professionals to ensure a greater success and to help those that need elp and guidance. The PL does not accept the fact that 4 out of every 10 students attaining the age of 16 do not have a future in training, further education or i employment. The PL guarantee towards youths stands.Tthrough education we will improve our standards, we will improve employment and consequently quality of life.

Dr. Muscat said that it would have been far easier to accede to requests to increase the minimum wage. He said that the PL is being honest and will not promise the earth without being able to deliver. The Labour Party will ensure that the quality of life is improved by reducing the cost of living; by reducing utility bills and thereby improving the standard of living.

The Labour party will deliver on its promises. It will help generate employment among youths, among women and among those over-45 who have lost heir job. The PL will work hard towards solving the problem of shortage of beds at Mater Dei. Labour in government will improve health services in Malta through public private partnerships. It will work on a reform of our health system but will not interfere with consultants, the way this government has done recently with an oncology consultant.

The Environment will be cared for. The people of the South can rest assured that a future Labour government will not allow the black smoke being caused by the use of heavy fuel oil.

A new Labour government will maintain social services, especially pensions. The PL in government will ensure that people who have worked all their life for their pension will receive throughout all their life. A new Labour government will introduce measures to care for persons with a disability during and after the life of their parents.

Maternity leave children's allowances and other social services will be maintained and improved upon. Funds will be made available by economising on wasteful contracts, wasteful projects and wasteful consultancies given to government sympathisers.

Joseph Muscat said that the PL in government will ensure that the problems relating to Gozo and Gozitans will be solved through co-operation with Gozitans.

The Labour leader said that a new PL government will introduce accountability, will introduce proper legislation on civil rights, in the same way that the Labour party had taken a stand on the divorce issue. The PL did not wait for a people's decision to tke a stand, but definitely did not do what Gonzi did when he took a stand against the people's vote. He asked the people for a Yes or No vote but when the people voted Yes, he voted No.

Dr. Muscat announced that a new Labour government will introduce legislation to regularise unions between same-sex couples. He said that the PL has never been afraid to take a stand for people's rights and it will do so again.

He also spoke about the importance of women in society, in work places and even in higher roles.

Joseph Muscat spoke on the difficult times ahead. People who have been on the receiving end of favours will do their utmost to keep the PN in government, They will resist change, but the Labour Party is not afraid. Even though the arrogance of these people knows no bounds, we are prepared to bring about change. Some even say that they will not allow the PL to take over the governance of the country, but, Joseph Muscat said, the vote is yours and it is a right that each and every one of us has a right to exercise.

We have a choice. Between those that make a distinction between their inner circle and those that want a future that unites the whole population. We are the political party that want a Future that unites concluded Joseph Muscat.

Earlier the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party Dr. Anglu Farrugia also addressed the mass meeting.

He spoke about the problems in the financial sector and in employment. He spoke about the erroneous decisions taken by GonziPN and the problems that he has caused. Dr. Farrugia mentioned the problems at Mater Dei and the lack of primary health care.

Anglu Farrugia said that the PL has managed to gain a majority vote in Parliament on several occasions even though Gonzi says he enjoys the confidence of the house.

GonziPN keeps mixing figures as he has mixed the figure of 20,000 new jobs, when it resulted that the number of new jobs created was less than half of what Gonzi says.

The Deputy Leader of the PL said that Gonzi had promised to maintain costs of utility bills even if the price of fuel were to increase. Yet GonziPN has raised utility bills on several occasions.

Dr. Farrugia said that Malta can no longer afford to accept injustices and these no longer have a place in Maltese Society. He also stressed the need for change, a change in direction and a change in policy. A change that will have a lasting effect by way of meaningful employment and the removal of precarious employment. A change that will protect our environment and that will combat cost of living increases.

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