Monday, 16 May 2011

Times: Gay healing claims ‘worrying’

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Claims that homosexuals were “healed” through the intervention of Christ worried the Malta gay Catholic group, Drachma.

Pastor Gordon-John Manché posted a Facebook event last week promising to present three people who have “converted from a life of freedom from that (homosexual) lifestyle”.

This caused outrage among individuals who wanted to organise a protest outside his River of Love Christian Fellowship premises in Żebbuġ. The protest, scheduled for last Saturday night, was cancelled after the police said it would be illegal because no permit had been obtained.

Drachma said it was worried about the matter. To start with, it said, Christ was presented as someone who was against gays and his love towards them was presented as conditional. “As Drachma, we witness the deep disturbance that such reading brings about to the gay community... Christianity is a life-giving option and should not be a religion leading people into neurotic forms of living,” it said.

Unfortunately, it added, there were some parents who drove their children “insane” pushing for “change” and “healing”, which caused long-term damage to the individuals when this was not forthcoming.

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