Sunday, 8 May 2011

Di-ve: Protest planned over “gay conversion” event 06 May 2011 -- 14:50CEST

An evangelical pastor’s plans to organise an event on the conversion of gay people’s sexual orientation has outraged many after the event was posted on Facebook, leading to countless condemnations and plans to protest outside the premises where it will be held.
The planned event, named “Gay no more – made new by the coming of Christ” was described as a spiritual gathering where 3 formerly-gay youths would speak about their conversion out of homosexuality. It was being organised by the River of Love Christian Fellowship, which is led by Gordon-John Manche, and set to take place at its base in Żebbuġ on Saturday evening.

Mr Manche posted the event on Facebook yesterday, with its description stating that 3 people would be giving “their personal testimonies of how their life has been turned around by the love and power of Jesus Christ. From a life of homosexuality to a life of freedom from that lifestyle.”

News of the event, however, outraged many, prompting a flood of condemnation on the event page itself. Some of it was civil, some less so, but people overwhelmingly objected to the implication that gay people were in need of conversion.

The event page was withdrawn, but subsequently a group of people set up their own event page, this time urging people to protest outside the event’s location.

This protest should take place from 1830h to 2200h in Żebbuġ, with over 300 people pledging to attend the protest.

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