Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Queen's Standard: Born this way


On the right track, baby.

A peaceful protest took place today outside the headquarters of Gordon John Manche's meetings, which hold the supposed gay conversions, gay men, women & friends and family attended in masses & peacefully protested singing Lady Gaga's 'Born this way' as an anthem. Being the homosexuals that we are we would have much preferred Madonna's 'Express Yourself' however as we all know the message is the same. Various groups such as MGRM, University's WE ARE & also Moviment Graffiti attended the protest along with our own contributor Cyrus Engerer making an appearance & all voicing their opinion. Doubts also arose regarding Mariella Blackman's work, Manche's wife, a practicing psychologist & her alleged referrals of her gay patients to unethical & repressive 'gay conversions' via Gordon John Manche

Once more shame on Gordon John Manche & his supposed hateful conversions of homosexual men, to repressed homosexual men.

Photographs by Matthew Attard Navarro. [Click on the hyperlink above for more photos.]

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