Monday, 16 February 2009

Times: Protest over book sold at Church media centre

Saturday, 14th February 2009 - 15:55CET

Patrick Attard, a former Alternattiva candidate, has filed a complaint to the police [correction: I sent a letter to the Police Commissioner] and called on the head of the Church's Media Centre to resign because of the contents of a book which is being sold at the Church's Media Centre and advertised prominently on the Media Centre's website.

Dr Attard in a statement said the book, titled The Catholic Church and Homosexuality, says that God sent AIDS to punish gays, homosexuality is diabolic and equal to bestiality and paedophilia. It says homosexuals are worse than murderers and that even the devils are disgusted by homosexuality. All kinds of natural calamities and diseases are attributed to homosexuals and the book says that homosexuality is contagious.

Dr Attard insisted that the Church should withdraw the book and refund those who had bought it. It should also publicly destroy all copies.

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