Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Excommunication Congratulations

Hello Patrick

My name is Frank, I am a 54 year old Australian, born to Maltese parents and have been inspired by your recent announcement of resignation from the Catholic Church, in fact I was quite stunned, especially in such a Catholic country.

I was raised with the Catholic religion and educated in Catholic schools (as you would expect of any child born to Maltese parents of my age), yet from the time when I was a teenager and I began to foster reason and think critically, I questioned many of the religious teachings of the church that do not make sense to me.

For a long time I have considered that I am not Catholic, as I do not believe in most of their teachings and I have stated this openly. I'm annoyed by many people who call themselves Catholic, don't believe in a number of the teachings - it's as if they feel that baptism has somehow "changed their DNA" so that they ARE Catholic and cannot change.

I feel saddened for those who do not have the ability to think critically as the "faith" has been embedded in their thinking.

My beliefs were further strengthened several years ago with both of my children announcing that they are gay.

Your actions have inspired me to follow and I have just written to the parish where I was baptised to excommunicate myself from the Catholic Church and to renounce all blessings, benefits, graces, sanctifications and advantages supposedly conferred on me by the church.

I felt a wonderful freedom when I could finally admit my true feelings and clear the guilt that the church continually tried to impose on me.

I congratulate you on being able to "love myself only after I removed the Catholic Church from my life".

Victoria, Australia

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