Thursday, 19 February 2009

Independent: Accepting a gay child

In this week’s edition of Sejjahtli we will meet another family that is passing through a difficult moment. Today’s story is about parents who have recently discovered that their daughter is lesbian. They are finding it very hard to accept this fact, as well as the daughter’s intention to buy an apartment and move in with her partner. Such a situation triggers various thoughts and questions. What should the parents do? Could they have done anything to avoid this situation? Should they accept their daughter’s partner? What effect will this have on their grandchildren? How does this situation fit in with their religion and beliefs? On the other hand, the parents realise that their daughter has already been through a lot of hardship and don’t want to cause her more suffering. Joyce Cassar presents the programme, while resident guest Fr Rene’ Camilleri will be present in the studio together with Dr Charles Azzopardi and Anthony Gerard. Sejjahtli is transmitted on ONE TV today between 6.15pm and 7.30pm with a repeat tomorrow at 7.45am New websites Centru Animazzjoni Missjunarja (CAM) & CAM Productions international (CPi) have launched new websites which tell you all you need to know about both organisations. Visit or and enter the evangelisation, missionary and production house world within these two organisations.

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