Sunday, 22 February 2009

Times: Nationalist MEPs go against party principles

Sunday, 22nd February 2009 by Henry Pace, Sliema

On February 1 you reported that Maltese MEPs, including the two Nationalists, Simon Busuttil and David Casa, voted in favour of amendments recognising the need of laws on cohabitation, including that of gay couples, and recognition of same-sex marriages performed in other EU member states.

"This vote in the European Parliament was part of a non-binding resolution to harmonise fundamental EU human rights' laws and shows a marked shift in the position of the five Maltese MEPs", according to Ivan Camilleri's report. Whatever the Socialist MEPs do is their own business, but the vote of the two Nationalist MEPs is of great concern because they both failed to follow the principles of the Nationalist Party, namely:

"2. The Partit Nazzjonalista forms part of the International Christian Democratic Movement. In fact, it is one of the oldest parties that belong to this movement. It is committed to the fulfilment of Christian Democratic principles in Malta and to the spreading of these principles worldwide.

"3. The Christian idea of the dignity of man is the basis of all the policies of the Partit Nazzjonalista. Human dignity is rooted in man's relationship with God and with his fellow men, within the family and other voluntary associations, which the State is obliged to assist and promote."

The founders of the PN had a clear vision of their beliefs and wrote down these principles not to just be read but to be put into effect at all times. Once these principles have not been changed, it is very much regretted that the two MEPs and others within the party who follow their example are going against the PN's roots.

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