Monday, 16 February 2009

Times: Accepting the person but not the sin
Sunday, 15th February 2009 by Yvette DeBono, Ta' l-Ibraġ

It must be very painful for homosexuals and their families to hear and read of how they should lead their lives and about their civil rights. No one is imposing anything on them but rightly we must first and foremost protect the family, which is the nucleus of future generations.

It is not the norm for two persons of the same sex to live together, get married and adopt children and live as husband and wife-mother and father in the presence of young innocent children. You would be creating, among many other external problems, an even greater psychological emotional confusion while growing up, not to mention the insults and harassments at school and from friends.

To be gay/lesbian is not one's direct fault but somehow these last few years it has become a fashion or a new way of making friends.

A new study released recently has demonstrated that a link exists between family problems, rejection/divorce/physical and emotional abuse, etc. and health problems which can develop into being gay/lesbian and bisexual.

Homosexuals may live a normal life and accept themselves as they are if they do not wish to seek psychological or medical help to adjust their confused sexual inclinations. However, they must not expect society to bend over backwards to approve their abnormal and sometimes imposing suggestions.

God loves all of mankind, irrespective of colour or creed. He loves us as we are with all our defects but hates sin. Sin destroys the soul, the heart and the mind but ultimately separates us from the love of God. It is not God who turns His back on us when we sin; it is a choice that we make. To be gay or lesbian is not a sin, but sexual relations between same-sex people are sinful and detestable before God and man.

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