Sunday, 8 February 2009

Times: Misinformed panel

Sunday, 8th February 2009 Victoria Busuttil, Sliema

I normally appreciate good discussion programmes on TV. One such programme recently dealt with the Church and state laws in Malta.

I immediately had my doubts over the competence and impartiality of some panel members. So many confused ideas were expressed that I hardly believed some of them knew what they were talking about, being terribly misinformed about matters of Church and religion.

It seems some of them never consulted the Book of Genesis, the first book of Scripture, where it is said that God created them "man and woman" and not man and man. They went so far as to say that gay unions were "marriages" and that the Church in Malta is another political party.
While Muslims were praised for praying five times a day, one member of the panel boasted about not going to church nor bothering about religious practice, while spouting venom against members of the hierarchy. I asked myself why don't they follow the Muslims' example and pray? When will some realise the great treasure we have in the gift of our faith?

This is our Christian identity and we should be proud of it and work hard and pray not to lose it, let alone remove the crucifix from schools not to hurt the feelings of unbelievers.

I wonder if a Christian in certain countries would be allowed to pray publicly or to outwardly express his beliefs? What about our being hurt and offended not only by unbelievers but also by our own compatriots who have gone astray?

I suggest that before such discussions, at least a basic catechism be consulted so that statements like the Church invented the sacraments are avoided.

I appeal to all TV stations to give us competent people who can tackle an argument and are knowledgeable about the subject.

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