Monday, 19 January 2009

YouTube: AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL Gay Rights Spot (with Slim K)

The short for "Amnesty International" has been linked to by dozens of sites, news portals and blogs. In the online gay world, it secured a front-page report which caused a surge in visits to the spot posted on YouTube. From (a gay portal), there have been tens of thousands of visitors among the Spanish gay community, enjoying the most rights in the world.

As at March 2008, the video has been viewed over 73,000 times. "Amnesty International" and the Publicis group also sent an e-mail with the TV spot attached to a database of over 56,000 e-mail addresses, thus setting in motion the whole viral mechanism around the initiative.

A short film for a greater cause. The spot will be presented as well at this years "Cannes International Film Festival" (14-25 May 2008);  project directed by JUAN VARELA and produced by Brenda Weiermair, Txetxu Lozano and Laura Bautista for SAATCHI & SAATCHI (Madrid, Spain) - SLIM KHEZRI stars as a Robber; visit Slim K Official Website

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