Sunday, 4 January 2009

Times: The Church and gay marriage
Sunday, 4th January 2009 by Paul Mizzi, Qala

Should the Church allow homosexuals to get married or not? Although this is a difficult to discuss, I still believe that it should not be, because in life there are rules and regulations on all sorts of subjects and this one is not a rule of man but God's own rule.

If one, for instance, wants to join a political party or any sports club, there are certain rules and even a statute that covers the rules and regulations of that body, so to speak. Now it is up to the individual whether to join that body or not. We have never heard that a body has changed its statute to please a member so that he or she can join, so why should the Church itself intervene and play with the rule of God?

I heard a lot of people blame the Pope or bishops or even priests because when they preach in church they speak out against this kind of behaviour. What does one expect? We go to church because we believe in God and by doing so we obey all his rules. Sometimes we fail and sin, and then we go to confession to ask for forgiveness, not to change that rule to please us.

Now if there are different people who believe that they should bend the rule and get married to the wrong person, well God left us free to do what we want, but do not expect Him to come down and change the rule to please you and your expectation.

Sometimes there are certain priests that do wrong and bend laws perhaps, but that does not mean that we can all sit down and change our religion, which is built on God's own words.

So let's stop this talk of gay marriage in Church. Nor does it mean that God does not love everyone, just as parents who do not give their children everything they ask for love them.

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