Sunday, 25 January 2009

Times: Gozo Bishop urges Christians to contribute to political debate

Gozo Bishop Mario Grech shares light moment with Mary Fenech Adami at the Good Shepherd pastoral centre in Victoria as the President looks on.

Gozo Bishop Mario Grech yesterday urged Christians to take part in political debate, since the fusion between faith and reason was disintegrating.

Speaking during a visit by President Eddie Fenech Adami to the College of Parish Priests in Gozo, Mgr Grech said society was being led to believe that those who participated in politics could not think in Christian terms.

The bishop urged Catholics with opinions to voice them, not because they were Catholic but because they had a vision for society.

He quoted from Pope Benedict XVI's remarks on a lay State, where he stressed the importance of having a distinction between politics and religion, while at the same time having clear awareness about the irreplaceable function of religion.

"It is in this context that the Church is eager to cooperate with society to help in the whole development of its citizens," Mgr Grech said. During another occasion in Qormi last week, Mgr Grech said that lay Christians could not abdicate their participation in social life, especially those involved in politics.

"We cannot have a Church that does not distinguish itself from the rest of society. It is worrying if a Christian does not distinguish himself with his lifestyle, in a bid to conform," he said.

He said people should not be disheartened that the Church was no longer one for the masses, but was becoming a minority, adding metaphorically that a bit of salt went a long way to enhance the taste of food.

"Whoever does not accept Christ's teachings should be honest with themselves and excommunicate themselves from the Church," he said, alluding to a recent decision by a gay man who excommunicated himself to protest against the Pope's comments on homosexuality.

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  1. I think the bishop should go to hell. We have had enough of people like him treating us like mushrooms... continually left in the dark abnd fed bull shit.

    Joseph Carmel Chetcuti