Thursday, 29 January 2009

Independent: Parliament: Rent reform bill to committee stage

The House of Representatives yesterday agreed to take the government’s rent reform bill to committee stage with Minister John Dalli saying he was itching to get his fingers on the Opposition’s proposals.

Mr Dalli, forever the pragmatist, said that both parties realised that this was a very important reform to Maltese law. He said that there is nothing better than well intentioned and constructive criticism and that he looked forward to receiving the PL’s proposals. Mr Dalli said that past administrations had created the mangled mess of today and it was high time to put things right. He also said issues such as same sex partnerships and other unions were too important to be slipped through the back door and should be debated in parliament in their own right as there was urgency to do so. He also said that he was of the opinion that political club premises that had “trapped” the rightful owners should be addressed and that the bill should be footed by the relevant parties. The bill has now gone to committee stage.

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