Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Times: Church and homosexuality

Wednesday, 14th January 2009 by Valerie Borg, Valletta

I have never felt so ashamed to be called a Catholic as I did when I heard that Patrick Attard, a candidate for Alternativa Demokratika in the last general election, ex-communicated himself from the Church.

The shame is not for him to bear but for the Maltese Curia who agreed to the comments Pope Benedict XVI made about homosexuals on December 22. Had I been the one to be called a terminator of all that God created, I probably would have done precisely as the good Mr Attard did.

How dare the Maltese Curia indirectly agree to what the Pope had to say? Were they too scared to disassociate themselves from what the Pope said in order to remain in the latter's good books? What this scenario will bring about is definitely the absence of more gays from the Church... Is this what Christ wanted when he allowed himself to be nailed to the cross for everybody?

Note: The full version of a letter on the Church and homosexuality by Joseph Anthony Debono, which appeared on January 10 but was inadvertently printed without a quotation of Pope Benedict's declaration on the subject, can now be viewed online at

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