Saturday, 31 January 2009

Times: Liberalism and Christian Democracy

29.1.9 by Tonio Borg, Deputy Prime Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Valletta

With reference to the article titled PN Is Not Liberal (January 26) I would like to correct the reported facts.

At no instance during the dialogue held at the Balzan Nationalist Party office on Sunday, January 25, did I make a reference to same sex marriages or cohabiting couples. It must be stated that I made no reference to the "conservative ideology" governing the values of the Nationalist Party. To the contrary, I said that the PN's principles are not based on liberalism but on sound Christian Democratic principles. This implies that the Nationalist Party is not governed through a laissez-faire attitude but one where state regulation ensures the protection of those citizens in most need of protection and assistance.

Furthermore, in Parliament, I stated that it would be unjust for the landlord to be forced to acknowledge at his expense the transfer by inheritance of a lease to relationships beyond the current ones protected by law.

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