Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Times: The gay, backwater of Mellieħa?
Tuesday, October 9, 2012, 14:10 by Ramona Depares

I know I shouldn’t be flippant, really, given that the incident points to a highly disturbing mentality where the word “gay” is used as an insult and is also perceived as one by its recipient.

But seriously, the amount of “what the hells” (since I’m not allowed to use the more forceful internet lingo) that the latest court report generates is baffling. Go on, read more here. Basically, I can’t stop myself from giggling in exasperation at the inanity of it all. Immature, I know. But really, when you have an Australian guy, probably off his face, daring to call a Mellieħi “gay”... the potential for comedy just cannot be ignored. And sure enough, the potential was fulfilled.

Because it’s not enough to be plagued by idiots who think that the worst insult ever is to be called gay. No, we also have to put up with our courts actually validating this argument. We now have it straight from the most august of institutions that being called “gay” is one of the worst provocations ever. And hey, you can’t seriously blame a guy by responding to this sort of nonsense with a couple of punches now, can you?

What on earth is this? Is this the message that our magistrates want to deliver? That being gay is somehow wrong? And anyway, since when is it okay to respond to provocation with violence? This must be a really proud moment for Dr Josie Muscat (read previous blog here).

Finally, of course, just to add to the element of farce, the magistrate saw fit to add that somehow the provocation was intense because it was made “in front of the people of Mellieħa”. You know, that redneck backwater where irate fathers will take a shotgun to your head if you so much as look at their daughters.

To recap, lessons learnt at court today:
If anyone provokes you, break their limbs.
If you live in Mellieħa, you have the intelligence of a spoilt 5-year-old.

Nice going.

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