Monday, 22 October 2012

Independent: Man charged with threatening cousin
20 October 2012

A young Msida man was arraigned before Magistrate Giovanni Grixti yesterday, accused with threatening his cousin that he would shoot her after she went to live with his former girlfriend. He allegedly called his cousin a lesbian.

The 21-year-old man, whose name cannot be published by court order, testified that he is unemployed. He allegedly lost control after his girlfriend, who has a child by him, decided to leave him and go to live with his cousin, who is lesbian.

The man was arrested on Wednesday after his cousin filed a report with the police that she had been threatened. According to testimony in court the accused asked to meet his cousin to talk with her about his former girlfriend, who had left him and went to live with her.

Prosecuting Inspector Jason Francis Sultana said the accused bent over and a knife accidentally fell out of his pocket as he was speaking with his cousin. He told her he was going to fetch a firearm and shoot her.

When he was arrested the police found a firearm in his car, and nine cartridges.

The young man lives not far from his cousin but the prosecution did not oppose bail. However, Magistrate Grixti said he was not convinced that the accused could be trusted and ordered him held in preventive custody.

The court ordered a ban on the publication of the names of the people involved.

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